Comprehensive Plan

In January, 2013, the City of Delano completed a two year process to review and updated the Comprehensive Plan. To help define the scope and direction for updating the Delano Comprehensive Plan, initial interviews were conducted with the City Council, the Planning Commission, and City Staff. The Delano Comprehensive Plan Task force also conducted a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis as a means of identifying community issues and opportunities that must be addressed in the Comprehensive Plan. The following presentation of community perspectives related to existing condition within the City as well as opinions on future community growth.

The following perspectives, raised through the interview process and Task Force discussion, represent a broad range of topics. Generally, there was a strong consensus on many topics, however, where opinions differ on specific topics, both sides of the issue are presented. The following perceptions and issues present topic areas that will require specific attention as the Comprehensive Plan proceeds.