City Missions


The mission of the City of Delano is to continue to provide the highest quality public services that effectively address changing citizen and community needs in a fiscally responsible and friendly manner.

Vision Statement

Delano is an inclusive community, rich in heritage and natural beauty while providing a safe and progressive environment in which to live, work and play. Its spirit of community and small town charm provides opportunities for an innovative and diverse population.


  • We value that the residents of Delano have the right to HIGH-QUALITY SERVICES delivered in a professional and cost-effective manner.
  • We value citizen confidence in municipal government, and we believe that city officials have an obligation to be prudent stewards of public funds and act in a FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE MANNER.
  • We value that all citizens are entitled to courtesy and respect. Accordingly, city, state and elected officials pledge to promote principals of EQUALITY and to act with a sense of JUSTICE in conducting government business, developing policy and providing municipal services.
  • We value that strong communities are based on an OPEN AND HONEST COMMUNICATION system. Elected officials and elected commissioners strive to foster transparency and diligence in matters related to the rights of citizens.
  • We value a community spirit that is built on COOPERATION AND TEAMWORK among citizens, state and elected officials. To ensure these values, all components of city operations will work collaboratively to serve the public good.
  • We value continuous improvement of community structure and civic progress, based on a high level of PROFESSIONALISM and up-to-date policies, procedures and operations.
  • We value that, as VISIONARY LEADERS, the city council and commissioners promote the stable and progressive growth of the community.
  • We value that a city is best served when council members, commissioners and staff practice CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION in the fulfillment of their responsibilities.
  • We value that Delano is stronger when EVERY CITIZEN has a safe and healthy environment in which they have the OPPORTUNITY TO THRIVE.