Core Strategies

Provide comprehensive services to meet community needs

  • Provide municipal services with a proactive focus
  • Service Delivery - accessible, inclusive, reliable, innovative and high quality
  • Facilitate and partner with other public entities, and community groups when practical

Maintain financial sustainability and fiscal stewardship

  • Maintain fiscal responsibility and transparency to taxpayers
  • Operate within budget and long-term financial plans
  • Sustain adequate reserve funds

Conscientious asset/infrastructure management

  • Efficiently operate, budget and maintain municipal infrastructure
  • Strategic investment, and new and rehabilitated infrastructure systems
  • Maximize lifespan by improving infrastructure systems and elements

Manage sustainable and planned growth

  • Maintain and follow the City's Comprehensive Plan
  • Keep Comprehensive Plan and policies current and accommodate community change
  • Establish practices and policies for well-maintained, lifecycle housing options
  • Balanced growth - residential, commercial, industrial and institutional

Foster engaged and informed community

  • Support the development and operation of community groups/organizations
  • Transparent and timely availability of information
  • Develop community and neighborhood leaders, improve community resources
  • Strengthen relationships with neighboring communities

Ensure a high-performing team of public servants

  • Lead through the implementation of values, code of ethics, and strategic plan
  • Continue team mindset amongst staff, City leadership, and community
  • Cultivate strengths
  • Maintain a qualified, well-trained, and productive workforce

Manage a safe and healthy community

  • Encourage connections between community members (neighborhoods, community events, organizations, etc)
  • Provide proactive and responsive public safety services
  • Support broad and comprehensive community recreation opportunities
  • Preserve and promote the quality of properties

Maintain and protect community strengths

  • Maintain and expand natural spaces and amenities
  • Continue to promote revitalization of the downtown district
  • Promote community price by continuing to accommodate community events, such as the 4th of July Celebration, Old Fashioned Christmas, and others