Winter Reminders

Snow Season Parking: (City Ordinance Section 712.01 (PDF)) Snow Season parking goes into effect November 1 through April 1. No vehicles can be parked on any street, avenue or alley between the hours of 2 am - 7 am. This is regulated by City Ordinance and is enforced by Wright County. Don't take a chance on having your vehicle ticketed or towed. All vehicles parked in public parking lots must be moved at a minimum every 24 hours.

Snow Accumulation: (City Ordinance Section 713.01 (PDF)) It is unlawful for any person to park a vehicle on any street after continuous or intermittent snow fall, during which there has been an accumulation of two inches or more of snow on any street until the same has been plowed or removed from the full width of roadway. This Section does not apply to the area zoned "Central Business District" in the Delano Land Use and Zoning Code.

Sidewalks: (City Ordinance Section 718.01 (PDF)) Snow and ice must be removed from public sidewalks within 24 hours after a snowfall.

Mailboxes: The property owner is responsible for shoveling snow from around their mailbox to ensure delivery of mail.

Fire Hydrants: Although not governed by City Ordinance, your cooperation is needed to keep snow cleared from fire hydrants. If you have a hydrant located near your home, please assist the Fire Department by shoveling snow from around the hydrant. Your assistance could save your life and your property.

Storm Drains: Your cooperation is needed to keep the storm drains clear of leaves and debris to prevent clogged and plugged storm drains.

** Minnesota State Statute (160.2715) prohibits plowing, shoveling, blowing or depositing snow in any way on any public highway.

Snow Removal

Snowplowing operations:

The City of Delano's Public Works Department has classified city streets based on the street function, relative traffic volume and importance to the welfare of the community. Those streets classified as a "Priority A" street will be plowed first. These are higher volume streets, which connect major sections of the city and provide access for emergency fire, police, and medical services. The second priority streets "Priority B" are those providing access to schools and commercial businesses. The third priority streets "Priority C" are low volume residential streets. Fourth priority streets "Priority D" are cul-de-sacs. The fifth priority "Priority E" are trails, parking lots and park areas.

City streets must be passable to allow normal traffic flow and emergency vehicles to respond to all areas within the City. The City, however, does not guarantee bare, dry pavement after each snowfall or that streets will be totally free of ice and snow or driving hazards common to Minnesota winter weather.

City streets will generally be plowed within twenty-four (24) hours from the start of a 2-inch or more snowfall. This requires 10 to 12 hours of operations for a normal snowfall of 2 - 6 inches. Delays may occur due to equipment breakdowns and/or extreme weather conditions.

Please have patience. Snow plowing is a time consuming and arduous job. Some residents will have their roads plowed first and some will be last, but all city streets will be cleared. The Public Works Department is devoted to providing the residents with dependable snow removal in the shortest time possible.

Shovel Fire Hydrants:

The City of Delano asks residents to shovel out fire hydrants near their homes. Keeping hydrants clear of snow can substantially reduce the time it takes firefighters to put out a fire. Your assistance could save your life and your property!

Mail and Other Services:

Keep your mailbox clear of snow to ensure mail delivery. If you have not received your mail, please contact the Delano Post Office at 763-972-2500. If it is garbage or recycling collection day, please keep your cans off of the curb and street and at the end of your driveway. For questions on garbage/recycling pick-up please call Randy's Environmental Services 763-972-3335.

Clearing Driveways:

Do not shovel, plow or blow snow onto the City Street. Blowing snow in the street is against Minnesota State Statute 160.2715 which prohibits plowing, shoveling, blowing or in any way depositing snow on any public highway.


Property owners are responsible for keeping public sidewalks adjacent to their property clear of snow and ice. Snow and ice removal should be removed within 24 hours after a snow and ice event. Residents depend on sidewalks for their daily travel needs. This especially holds true for senior citizens, school aged children and persons with disabilities. When sidewalks aren't cleared, people are forced to walk in the street. This puts their safety at risk and poses additional hazards for drivers.

Child Safety:

Please educate children on the dangers of snow removal and make sure they play safely.

Please remind them to:

  • Never build tunnels or snow forts in the snow banks near the street. The force and weight of the snow coming off the plows can collapse the tunnels or forts and harm the child.
  • Keep sleds and toys out of the street and away from the edge of the road. Snow banks make it difficult for plow drivers to see children playing in these areas. Children should never play near the edge of the road.
  • Stay away from the plow. If a plow is on your street, ensure that children stay back at least 20 feet or more from the road. It is best to have children play near the house as the snowplow approaches and stay there until the plow has passed.

Motorist Safety

Please use caution around plows.

  • Plows travel slower than other vehicles. Reduce your speed and do not crowd the plow.
  • Don't pass snow removal equipment while it is plowing and never drive into a snow cloud.
  • Be patient. Follow at a safe distance from trucks that are plowing or spreading de-icing material. Frequent backing is necessary during these operations and visibility to the rear is very restricted.
  • Stay alert. A snowplow weighs 17 times more than a car. In a crash, occupants of a car are more likely to be seriously injured.