2023-24 Short-Term Goals

Highest Priority

  1. Address transportation bottlenecks (County Road 16, County Road 30, Highway 12)
  2. Invest resources and implement marketing/communication strategies (implement dedicated communications personnel, community outreach, internal communication improvements, get-to-know City personnel)
  3. Optimize parking downtown (signage/awareness/equality for businesses)
  4. Evaluate ways for first-time homebuyers to own (instead of rent)
  5. Review recommendations and implement Emergency Services Study (improve ambulance service, response times)
  6. Address pedestrian crossings and trail connections of physical barriers (Highway 12/River Pedestrian Bridge)
  7. Study and implement future infrastructure/unity needs (water study, second electric transformer)
  8. Proactively meeting zoning enforcement needs


  1. Complete the downtown river plan and seek funding
  2. Proactively and aggressively plant trees and address compost site (nursery option)
  3. Facility study options for City Hall, Library, Fire Station, Villa, Liquor Store
  4. Advocate for Highway 12 Improvements (East of Delano, West of Delano, and McKinley Parkway
  5. Identify the purpose and rehabilitation of the Heritage Center
  6. Complete the community park master plan
  7. Continue business park success and expansion
  8. Create efficiencies and automation for routine/redundant tasks (contracting versus staff)