New Park & Central Park Project 2023

The City of Delano is currently undertaking a master planning process to identify future development and improvements for outdoor recreation opportunities at two community park sites. This includes preparing a master plan for a new community park (located on County Road 17 and 90th Street SE) that is currently undeveloped and planning for Central Park improvements.

This primary reason for the planning project is focused on meeting the existing and future recreational needs of the community across the two parks for both active and passive types of recreation. We would love to hear your ideas for these two specific parks that build upon the existing recreational opportunities so that both parks will provide the types of recreation that are currently needed and account for enjoyable experiences.

View the concepts and share your thoughts here:  Delano Community Park Master Plans | Social Pinpoint (

New Park Concepts - Location

Timeline of project: 

December 2022 – City acquires 79 acres at the northeast corner of CR 17 and 90th Street, south of the Delano Industrial Park

January 3, 2023 – City hires WSB to Master Plan that future park

February/March – Park and Recreation Commission recommends that the Master Plan project be expanded to consider the City’s primary community park – Central Park – as well.

April 18, 2023 – City expands the Master Plan process to include Central Park

Summer 2023 – Public input process to generate ideas about recreation/park elements needed

October 25, 2023 – WSB presents three drafts to the Park & Rec Commission, they provided some preliminary feedback and approved sending it out for additional public comment

November 2023 – Launch request for public comment

December 13, 2023 – next Park Commission meeting where feedback will be considered, one concept will be recommended to send to the Council. 


For many years, the Park and Recreation Commission has made a top priority to secure additional land for future community park needs. We have many activities and uses at Central Park and as the community grows, the Park and Recreation Commission wants to make sure there is space for future needs. 

With that acquisition, this master planning project is a land use activity that will provide both clarity and direction for future park improvements. As you can imagine, there are a lot of ideas about what the land can/should be used for in the future.  This process is intended to provide opportunity input, community conversation, and intentional planning for the land’s long-term use and make sure investments – as they happen – are logical and complementary to the overall plan.

The City currently has $1.2M programmed in its capital plan over the next five years to begin the buildout of any park improvements.  All of this amount comes from Park Dedication funds from new development projects and revenue from the City’s municipal liquor store operations. While this money has been programmed in the Parks Capital Plan, the specific projects these funds will be used to complete has not been identified and will wait until the concept planning is completed.  There are no other funds currently committed in the City’s budget and financial planning at this time. There will be ongoing discussions about timing, budgeting, and funding for improvements following the concept plan process.

Please reach out to City Administrator Phil Kern at or 763-972-0565 for any additional comments or concerns you may have during the design process.