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Lease Agreement Feb19 (PDF)

The City of Delano offers public spaces that are available for use by public and private organizations. These will be scheduled on a first come basis for single reservations.

City Hall Rentals (see note 1)Category 1Category 2Category 3Category 4
Activity Room$0.00$20.00$100.00$200.00
Conference Room$0.00$10.00$100.00$200.00
Council Chambers (see note 2$0.00$40.00$150.00$250.00
Senior Center$0.00$40.00$150.00$250.00
  • (note 1) City Hall rentals for Category 3 and 4 may be lowered by $50 for participants who are trained as City volunteers and rentals during City Hall open hours
  • (note 2) Council Chambers cannot be reserved outside City Hall open hours
  • Category 2 organizations and groups may receive a discount for demonstrating community service and capital improvement


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