Capital Improvement Plan

The City's Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is a planning tool that forecasts the City's capital needs over a five-year period based on City adopted long-range plans, goals and policies. The CIP includes detailed descriptions of every capital improvement project the City anticipates initiating during the five year period. The CIP is updated annually.

The City Council adopted the CIP for 2022-2026. The adoption of the plan does not give authority to staff to complete the project according to the plan; rather it merely states the Council's support and acknowledgment of the CIP as a planning tool.

The goals of the CIP are to:

  • Provide a balanced program for the City to plan capital improvements over a five-year planning period.
  • Anticipate needed capital improvements in advance, rather than hurriedly forced to complete capital improvements.
  • Provide an outline to obtain fiscally sound funding for projects.
  • Enable the community to review the long-range plan of expected improvements.
  • Provide users the ability to evaluate the needs of the entire City.

The detailed 2022 to 2026 CIP is available online (PDF) and at City Hall.