Motorized Vehicle Permit

A license is required of any person who owns and operates a recreational motor vehicle on public property, as allowed by City Code. Permits shall be applied for and issued to the owner. Permit fee is due at the time of application

For the purpose of this license, a recreation motor vehicle is considered to be the following:

  • Golf Carts
  • Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Device
  • Neighborhood Electric Vehicle
  • Motorized Foot Scoot
  • Motorized Bicycle 
  • Medium Speed Electric Vehicles

Code Requirements

Information related to Recreational Motor Vehicles can be found in the City of Delano City Code, Chapter 7 - Traffic and Parking. License holders are required to be familiar with the provisions of this chapter, and with applicable Minnesota Statutes and federal regulations.

After completing the application form, you may:

Please consult the forms below for more information pertaining to motorized vehicles.

Relevant Forms