Compost Site

The Delano Compost Site is used for residents within city limits only. Residents outside of the City's limits, within Wright County, may purchase a punch card ($50) for five uses.

What is compost?

Compost is decayed organic material, often comprised of fallen leaves, grass, and other biodegradable refuse. Compost can be rich in nutrients and valuable if separated from regular trash collection and used as an infill for landscaping or other projects. The City of Delano Compost Facility provides a convenient way for residents to re-purpose waste and lessen the strain on local landfills. 

Procedures and cost to use

City employees have the right to ask for proper identification prior to using the facility. Authorized users include: 

  • Properties within the city limits of Delano may use the compost at no charge
  • Properties outside the city limits of Delano in Wright County must purchase a punch card. Punch cards can be purchased at City Hall for $50.00. The punch card is good for five loads. 
  • Properties not located in Wright County are PROHIBITED, per DNR regulations
  • COMMERCIAL use of any kind is PROHIBITED

Rules and regulations

  • No containers besides non-plastic biodegradable bags may be left at the compost site.
  • Drop-off material must be unleaded by the person responsible for dumping. City employees will not be available for assistance
  • The City of Delano is not responsible for damages to trailers/vehicles or for any personal injuries
  • Tree diameter is restricted to under 6 inches and the length of branches must be under 8 feet
  • City Employees have the right to refuse items for drop-off if material is deemed prohibited.
  • All materials must be unloaded inside the site enclosure

More information on compost site rules and regulations. (PDF)